Last month, I provided a solution for Chainlink on how best to model implied volatility (IV) on-chain for both Bitcoin and Ethereum options using price feeds and oracles.

Chainlink — Decentralized Pricing Feeds For Etherum Smart Contracts

If you’re not super familiar with how Ethereum smart contracts work or The Oracle Problem, I’ll give a brief summary before diving into one of the major issues facing public blockchain protocols.

The Isolation Problem of Public Blockchain

Public blockchains are gaining popularity because of the their emphasis on both decentralized infrastructure and payment authorization. …

Last week, I took Google’s Tensorflow Certification exam, a grueling 5-hour endeavor where the tester is required to build highly accurate models pertaining to image classification, text classification, and time-series predictors.

I ended up passing the exam, but it definitely was a beast and required incremental accumulation of subject matter knowledge over several years along with a very structured study schedule and hands-on practice.

I wanted to quickly share what I’ve learned since then about Tensorflow and about neural networks in general.

Artificial Intelligence Is Probabilities

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all about probabilities at the most basic level, but we can sum it up…

The results may surprise you.

I wanted to quickly share some of my original research from today on the markets since we’re getting into the thick of things going into November.

Are the financial markets better off now than 4 years ago?

I’m really starting to see the markets like a great ocean — there are parts of the ocean that are turbulent, other parts, in the very same moment, are calm.

You survey the parts of the ocean your curious about based on the logs of past journeys…you plot your course, your routes, and you know what to expect from potential dangers.

Then once you’ve plotted your route and your potential escape routes, you just embark — and trust your map of the territory.

I haven’t stopped thinking about Kobe Bryant today. Been thinking about how such a tragedy could occur, the meaning behind it…and then I realized that’s not the way to think about it.

When bad things happen, its important to find the silver lining, and the silver lining I see is people all over the world, coming together to celebrate this man’s life and greatness. He truly was a model for excellence and that model will live on for generations to come.

This is one of my favorite interviews of his and the mindset that made him great.

Key Takeaways:

1) Be…

Who is the pound for pound champion of DevOps?

So its happened…you’re moving to the cloud, its finally a green light to start moving services and applications.

Your company has gone through the analysis, it makes sense. Now what?

Almost every major company in the world has admitted to themselves the strategic benefit moving to cloud computing can provide, whether its Google Cloud, Azure, or AWS.

However, senior managers and architects find themselves at many decision junctions in their move to the cloud. Software managers realize that its not just about deciding to use the cloud, but ‘how do we use the cloud?’

Things like:

Okay, do we just…

AI is truly some incredible technology. This week I was messing around with building generative adversarial networks (GANs) with TensorFlow and this morning I woke up to some pretty incredible results as my models trained over night.

In short, GANs are when you have two artificial neural networks that compete against each other, one is a “counterfeiter” and the other is a “detective” (known in AI parlance as the generator and the discriminator respectively).

The goal is that the detective network is given a dataset images and told that its job is to learn the dataset, and then discern whether…

What do cutting-edge stock traders, Amazon, and giant bird swarms all have in common?

As a cloud architect and business professional, its exciting to see an area of finance rapidly emerging from hedge funds that is the crux between finance and technology: algorithmic trading.

Algorithmic trading is the practice of buying and selling stocks based on defined rules which are executed by an automated computer program.

Sounds complicated enough, right? It is.

That’s because before something can be turned into code, the actual logic needs to first be defined, whether that’s business logic or market logic…if this, do that.


Coming off of the recent news of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork into BCH ABC and BCH SV, it made me think about the commercial implications of blockchain forks.

TLDR: Forks in blockchains add costs to the commercial entities using it.

Let’s take an analogy…imagine if HTTP as an internet protocol was able to hard fork.

Let’s imagine that URLs had to be agreed upon by a consensus mechanism and for whatever reason, the protocol forks. One day you’re site is located at, then the next day its located at both httpabc:// AND httpsv://

Now all of a…

RECAP: In Part 7, we dived into some of the most popular cryptocurrencies today and some of their potential use cases going forward. While cryptocurrencies combine with blockchain technology quite nicely, in this final installment of our series, we’ll explore some other potential use cases of blockchain technology.

Blockchain — Oh the places you will go!

So while it turns out the first use case of blockchain came by way of a cryptocurrency with Bitcoin, it turns out that there are other very valuable use cases for this new technology. …

John Anthony Radosta

Professional Machine Learning Engineer & Cloud Architect with a FINRA Series 65. Need Something Done Right?

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